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Installing Required Plugins

Installing Required Plugins

After installing Homely, you will see a notice that the Rype Real Estate plugin is required. This plugin comes bundled with the theme. It provides core functionality such as properties, agents, and slide custom post types, custom shortcodes, and more. You will need to install this plugin to use Homely to it’s full potential. Click Begin installing plugin. Once installed, the plugin will be activated automatically. That’s it! Now you should see several different post types in the left sidebar, such as Properties, Agents, and Slides.

Plugin Notice

Why is this core functionality included in a plugin and not the theme?
The reason these features are included in a plugin is to make your life easy if you ever decide to switch themes. If you switch to a new theme, all your content, such as properties and agents, can carry over, as long as you have this plugin installed.