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Page Settings

Page Settings

The page settings components is the largest and most robust feature of NS Basics. When activated, the Page Settings meta box will be displayed on the edit page screen.

NS Basics Page Settings

The page settings meta box is divided into 3 main categories: Banner, Page Layout, and Call to Action. The settings within these categories are explained in more detail below:

Banner Settings

The banner section controls all the settings relating to the main title banner of a page. Here, you can modify fields such as the banner title, banner sub-text, background image, text alignment, etc.

Note: The banner settings that are configured on individual pages will override any global settings that are set in the theme options (under Appearance > Theme Options > Page Banners & Sidebars).

Page Layout

The page layout section allows you to control whether the page content displays as full width, right sidebar, or left sidebar.

If the container field is checked, then the content will be wrapped in a horizontally-centered container. You can control the width of the container using the Site Width field in the Theme Options (under Appearance > Theme Options > General).

The sidebar widget area field allows you to select which widget area will display on this page (if you selected a sidebar layout above). You can manage the specific widgets that are displayed under Appearance > Widgets.

Call to Action

Lastly, the call to action section allows you to display a custom call to action at the bottom of the page. You can define the call to action title, text, button text, button link, background image, and background image display.