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The slides component activates the Slides custom post type. This can be used to display sliders on any page, using the Page Settings meta box.

Creating Slides

To add a new slide, go to Slides > Add New. Give the slide a title, and fill out the slide content in content editor. Then fill out any other additional details in the Slide Details meta box. You can set the slide background image by uploading a featured image in the right sidebar.

Additionally, you can set a slide category, which can be useful for displaying specific slides on a certain page.

NS Basics Adding Slides

Displaying Slides

Once you have created your slides, you can output them on any page, using the Page Settings meta box. Simply select the page you wish to edit, then scroll down to the Page Settings meta box. Expand the banner section, and for the Banner Source field, select Custom Slider. Here you can select various options for the slider, as well as which slide categories to display.