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Creating Pages Using Elementor Page Builder

Creating Pages Using Elementor Page Builder

The Elementor Page Builder is a bundled plugin that comes with Homely. It is highly recommended that you install and activate this plugin. It makes creating beautiful page designs very simple with it’s drag and drop interface.

To create a page using Elementor, navigate to Pages > Add New. Give your page a title and assign it a page template in the right sidebar if you wish. Then click Edit with Elementor to launch the page builder and starting building.


Then you can start dragging in widgets to create your page design from scratch. Or you can use pre-built templates. Homely comes with pre-built templates that you can insert right into your page without any hassle. Within the Elementor editor, at the bottom of the left sidebar, click the folder icon, and then click Templates Library from the menu. A box with pop out, choose the My Templates tab at the top. Hover over the pre-built template you want to use and click Insert.

For more information on general use of the Elementor Page Builder, visit their Documentation.